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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Consider a Career in Journalism

Have you been taking after a specific program on TV for a considerable length of time since you are awed with its grapple or correspondent? Do you purchase a magazine simply because it includes a segment from your most loved columnist? It is safe to say that you are taking after a blogger since you discover his or her composition extraordinary?

Have you additionally been adding to your school or organization magazines often? Do you have an unmistakable fascination in investigating how web-based social networking functions and how to impact individuals through your works, tweets, remarks, pictures and proposals? Is it true that you are continually searching for circumstances with magazines or daily papers or computerized media organizations as an independent essayist?

In the event that your response to all the above inquiries is a ‘yes’, a vocation in media and correspondences will suit your interests. Truth be told, you can consider turning into a writer. You should simply sharpen your written work aptitudes, create ability in various narrating techniques and devices, comprehend the matter of media and correspondences and figure out how to compose, deliver and share stories.

Indeed, it’s less demanding said than done. By having said that, I don’t intend to dishearten you. I just mean to state that it needs a great deal of diligent work, devotion and specific training (much of the time) to start a profession in news-casting. In case you’re truly sharp in building a profession in this field, you may consider joining an institute of correspondence media and plan. These days, news coverage quick track projects are additionally accessible that can get you to the universe of work in only two years. Centennial College Toronto offers a quickened program, giving down to earth and multi-stage preparing for vocations in media and correspondence.

Well, you’re passionate about studying journalism but wonder if it would be a right decision. The question remains – is it still a good idea? The answer is ‘yes’. Here are few reasons for why you should go ahead with it:

1. Internet and online publishing are in the list of top growing industries.

Internet and social media have taken the world on a storm. They are the present and future. The internet and online publishing industry is in need for professionals who can produce high quality, original and out-of-box content for their audiences. People are consuming information more than ever. This means more people are required behind the scenes that could satisfy the hunger of readers and viewers for unique content. So, journalism is still a great idea.

2. Photojournalism is an upcoming field.

Telling stories through photos is not a new idea but social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have made it popular than ever. They have changed the way people look at photos. So, if you have an interest on photography as well as telling stories, photojournalism may be your calling.

3. Tabloid journalism is a big hit.

There is a huge market for light-hearted and entertainment news. So, if you have a good sense of humour and know how to put draft humorous stories, this may be the right choice.

Journalism is not outdated. Only the focus is shifted from print to digital. The industry now offers more choices for professionals that ever.

Consider a Career in Restaurant

Who doesn’t care to eat out? Indeed, it’s turned into a piece of our day by day living. We feast out to celebrate, to get up to speed with an old companion, to enjoy easygoing discussions with associates, to become more acquainted with planned accomplice, to examine vital arrangements and contracts, to investigate differing cooking styles, and to simply unwind and have great time with dear ones.

And every one of these visits have an immediate effect on an eatery’s main concern. Eating out has turned out to be prominent like never before. Or more all, it’s turning into a piece of our day by day routine in view of our feverish work routine. Does it get you snappy dinners as well as gives a break from cooking at home and doing dishes. The eatery and cooking industry serves a wide range of clients – the individuals who have a profound gratefulness for fine nourishment, the individuals who are sustenance adventurers and those for whom it’s an essential need.

This is the reason the foodservice business is blasting in Canada and over the globe. Many eating joints, little and huge, are opened every year. Furthermore, the pattern will proceed in coming years. The business hints at no backing off at any point in the near future. As the sustenance operations industry is developing, the interest for experts with particular information and preparing is additionally expanding. Actually, this is the time when eatery, inn, providing food or kitchen administration are viewed as real professions. Beforehand, numerous social marks of disgrace were joined to the neighborliness business. Be that as it may, circumstances are different. It got to be distinctly one of the most noteworthy income creating businesses.

So, if you have a love for food and intent to foster good times, possess fantastic communication skills and are a good leader, you may embark on a career in restaurant hospitality management. What you’ll enjoy the most is the intersection between business, food, customer service, innovation and public interaction. Centennial College’s program in hospitality management hotel and catering will give you a whole new perspective about this industry.

If you’ve already decided to get into the school of hospitality, tourism and culture, it’s time you understand the fundamentals. A post-secondary restaurant and catering diploma program runs for two years. It provides you with skills in menu management and design, beverage, bartending, sanitation and hygiene and kitchen management. And to complement in-class learning, it incorporates a field placement at a hotel, restaurant or catering company. You will get an opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge into practice.

So, if you have already completed your high school, you can apply for this program. However, you will need to prepare yourself for two years of hard work. This is because you’ll realize how much energy, dedication and strong work ethic it takes to survive and thrive in a restaurant industry as soon as you begin with your classes. And once you successfully complete this program, you’ll be able to find work easily. This program offers strong employment prospects. Not only this, you earn additional certifications in the Smart Serve and National Sanitation.


Career in Environmental Technology

Green is the new shading, in Canada as well as over the globe. “Green innovation, clean innovation” is the most recent mantra. The thought, at its center, rotates around checking the negative effect of human association with nature, by creating and utilizing a class of electronic gadgets that advance practical administration of assets.

Green innovation, formally known as ecological innovation or envirotech, is the utilization of science, science, natural science, natural checking and designing controls, to screen, model and save normal assets. Whenever microbiologists, tree huggers, architects and geologists from around the globe are meeting up to create and execute approaches to secure condition through keen utilization of innovation, a noteworthy requirement for individuals who can work at ground level and lead studies and tests has been felt.

With expanded concentrate on creating and keeping up green and clean condition, businesses in both open and private parts are searching for experts who can help in neighborhood preservation and rebuilding exercises. The field despite the fact that is not new. We have been perusing about green innovation for around 10 years. Be that as it may, beforehand the attention on ensuring condition was not as serious as it is currently.

Along these lines, the earth innovation industry is encountering a blast, with expanded number of openings for work at all levels of chain of importance. This field has dependably been known for individuals with remarkable capabilities and commitments. In any case, now even crisp school graduates can profit imaginative business openings in this industry. Indeed, one might say that it’s the best time to assemble professions in condition tech.

How to Build Careers in Environmental Technology?

1. Obtain a Diploma in Environmental Technology

The first step towards a career in this field is to enroll in an environmental tech program in college upon completing high school. You will need to have strong fundamentals in biological systems, microbiology, statistics, physics, chemistry, topography, engineering processes, and Geographical information Systems (GIS). Centennial College’s School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science offers a three-year post-secondary advanced diploma in environmental technology. It’s a rigorous course. Therefore, you should be prepared to work hard while studying envirotech at Centennial.

2. Learn to function effectively with tools and equipment

A number of tools and equipment are used in ecological field sampling, hazardous material management, microbiology, analytical chemistry, surveying and municipal engineering and geographical information mapping. You should be competent in using the most appropriate tools in each situation. You will be taught to use them during your stay at Centennial.

3. Gain Hands-on Training

Having practical experience is a mandatory requirement when seeking employment. Companies are keen on hiring professionals who are trained on using tools and equipment to carry out water quality tests, groundwater movement, computer-aided environmental audits and chemistry of pollutants at least. At Centennial, you get ample opportunities to carry out these tests. The program offers the right balance of theory and practical.

As a beginner and graduate of this program, you may seek employment as junior environmental scientist, project biologist, technical policy advisor, research specialist, environmental safety consultant, environmental coordinator or junior geomorphologist.


Characteristic of Successfull Student

The best student on the planet are the individuals who are all the more possibly centered around and enthusiastically headed to make their fantasies a reality. They are the ones who can make a name and leave a sign of their name. Be that as it may, it doesn’t just stop with accomplishing substantial or common awards. It is a proving ground to survey their will, honesty and selfless administrations to society overall.

Student that can put everything on the line have a staggering collection of attractive and charming characteristics that help them emerge among their companions. A portion of the best qualities that characterize an awesome student are as per the following :

1. Fantastic participation

The best student not even once pass up a great opportunity for an imperative address which some may discover disagreeable or exhausting. They will dependably guarantee that they go to every last class as it mirrors their perseverance to finish their future objectives and desire. These student do their best to be proficient and timely.

2. Exceptionally Skilled

Best student are likewise best at all that they do. They are keen masterminds and can do a basic examination of any material and even genuine circumstances. They incredible scientists and they are awesome essayists also. Regardless of what kind of undertakings or scholarly papers they are given, they do it energetically and productively. Obviously, they can be incredible editors also, for example, paper editors, grounds magazine news editors, and so forth.

3. Bold and daring

A student with the will, focus and drive to march on ahead and take the risks to be successful is the fundamental attitude and persona of a truly commendable individual. They never back down from any challenge no matter the severity of it; they never fuss, frown upon or show any kind of disinterest as long as they get the job done.

4. Always prepared

The attitude of a great student further stems in their ability to be proactive at every occasion or event. Whether it is an upcoming test, a school project or a simple homework assignment, a brilliant student will always capitalize on their opportunity and finish their tasks well in advance before they miss out on their deadlines. To them procrastination is a disease that must be booted out of their system for good.

5. Positive attitude

Students that always strive for optimism and encouragement towards their fellow classmates and teachers are regarded as the diamonds in the rough. They never look down on their friends and colleagues no matter how intense the situation may be for them. When things go dark, these optimistic students will always find a bright light at the end of it all.

6. Great communication skills

Being able to coerce with colleagues and teachers on a grand coherent scale is also a unique and largely appreciable trait that teachers as well as potential employers desire of. Not only are they able to get along and develop strong partnerships and relationships but they also harbor commanding leadership skills that inspire, motivate and encourage a large group of people to follow them.

7. Kind-hearted and generous

Aside from being optimistic, the bests nurture a soft, caring and polite characteristic that is welcomed by all. It is one of the best building blocks of friendship and intimacy. It is the ultimate cure to a seething situation, abruptly bad behaviors and despair. Students and for that matter potential employees that shine the most in their future harvest and maintain this beautiful trait that can transcend generations and lifetimes.